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Shift Ahead Thought Leadership

Parsley Health: Healthcare disruptor or wellness boutique for the well?

While anecdotal evidence abounds in daily lifestyle news stories, there is ample support in the empirical data: the future of health is wellness.

Shift Ahead Thought Leadership

‘Flabbergasted’: Agency employees are quitting without two weeks’ notice

“If the company has a plug-and-play attitude with employees, then they are reaping the seeds of what they sow,” said Allen Adamson, brand consultant and co-founder of Metaforce.

Shift Ahead Thought Leadership

Toys R Us Could Fill a Retail Void, but Only After Reinvention

“They have to reimagine what retail looks like in 2020—not 2005,” Adamson said. “They need to start with the online experience and then add retail on top to enhance the experience or add some spice Read more…