What are the real reasons Kodak and Blackberry fell from brand supremacy?

What does Hasbro know about keeping kids – and Wall Street – happy that Mattel doesn’t?

Why is Katz’s Deli in New York doing a booming business while other similar institutions have vanished?

What can all nonprofits learn from the American Cancer Society’s missteps?

Why might Ford be the brand to win in the self-drive car market?

How did National Geographic right its course?

Why is Marriott giving Airbnb a run for inventiveness?

What do the best organizations know about staying the best in a fast-changing world?


From start-ups to multinational brands, from nonprofit organizations to academic institutions, media organizations to online businesses, we look at how a range of companies in a range of categories approach disruption. How and why some take it on and overcome it, while others are overcome by it. Shift Ahead offers a smart, calculated approach to knowing when to change course and how to pull it off. Packed with insightful interviews, this book brings every external and internal factor into view: competitors, risks, culture, finances, and more. It teaches readers how to spot warning signs that it’s time for reinvention; how to overcome barriers in the way of future goals; how to maintain authenticity when shifting gears – or direction, and how to execute a bold change…brilliantly.

Kevin Keller
“In this brilliant new book, Adamson and Steckel absolutely nail the key issues in moving organizations forward in the right directions and at the right pace...Shift Ahead is a highly entertaining and hugely informative playbook for the savvy top business executive.”

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